The magical nature of Lapland and numerous local activities keep many a traveller busy all year round. Our hotel is an excellent base for those wishing to explore the varying terrains and pristine forests and marshlands along the hiking trails of Pallas-Yllästunturi Fells.



Winter activities

In total, there are about 200 km of natural skiing tracks in Enontekiö – and it has the longest skiing season in Finland. The Hetta Hiihtomaa ski resort offers a wide range of slopes, a 100 m long slope for children and a fun tobogganing slope. Get a feeling for the snow and ice by renting a kicksled or by trying out disc golf – with snowshoes on!

Enontekiö offers an extensive network of snowmobiling trails. You can hit the trails maintained by Metsähallitus by getting a permit from the Fell Lapland Nature Centre. We can provide you with the snowmobile.

Local nature guides offer a wide range of trips and excursions. How about some aurora hunting and photographing?

Summer activities

Lake Ounasjärvi and the unharnessed River Ounasjoki is a paradise for recreational fishing and kayaking. Join one of our local guides on a hiking, mountain biking or a hunting trip. Or do whatever you feel like doing! The midnight sun is there 24/7 for two months. Take advantage of one of our rental kayaks!

Activities for groups at Vuollikka

Vuollikka is the base for our wide range of outdoor activities and experiences for groups. We can provide our visitors with husky, horse and reindeer safaris, ice fishing, ice skating, kick sledding or tobogganing, to name but a few. The nearest snowmobile trails start practically on our doorstep.



Equipment rental prices


Polaris Indy 550 Sport Touring: 70 € / 2 h, 85 € / 3 h, 140 € / day (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
Polaris Indy Lxt: 90 € / 2 h, 110 € / 3 h, 160 € / day (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Prices include insurance with a self-liability of 1 000 €, and snowmobiling gear for one. Fuel and oil tanks are full at the start of rental period, and they should be filled before returning the snowmobile. For gasoline fill-up we charge according to consumption, and a 10 € surcharge.

Snowmobiling gear €25/day
Sled €25/day
Kayak for river use

€30/day, €130/5 days, €160/week
Prices include life jacket, paddles and a container for personal belongings.

Kicksled €15/day
Nordic tour skates (excl. boots) 


Stiga sled €5/day
Toboggan €3/day